It’s a New Post

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It’s a new day ..

Time of Your Life

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Music & Lyrics  can say things that we want to say a thousands time better ..

Have a Green Day !

การเพิ่มขีดความสามารถของมนุษย์กับพระพุทธศาสนา (Human Enhancement) - How far should we go?

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Exactly, that’s not my presentation, but that of Dr. Soraj Hongladarom of Center for Ethics of Science and Technology, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University.

Wouldn’t we want to have a “Designer Baby” if we can?

The idea of how far/far off that science & technology should take us into the future is intriguing, here’s a starting point to ponder.

But first, check out ประเด็นทางปรัชญาและ จริยธรรมของการเพิ่มขีดความสามารถของมนุษย์



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a·tone·ment [ə tṓnmənt]
1. making of amends: the making of reparation for a sin or a mistake
2. A·tone·mentreconciliation between God and people: in Christian belief, the reconciliation between God and people brought about by the death of Jesus Christ

Atonement by Ian McEwan

The story/the movie stuck to me like a piece of shrapnel in a soldier’s wound - in which I have none, but it sure sounds painful and long lasting.

Could it be because it was a tragic romance of the two doomed lovers who deserved each other even though they were from the opposite end of social class - she’s a love-confused of noble upbringing, he’s a considerate son of a housekeeper with blue blood quality… It was not an accident that they fell in love, but it was fate that kept them apart.

In the movie, the haunting part is the score which won Oscar for the Best Original score. So, if you have not seen it, go grab the DVD!

Atonement by Joe Wright

A story within a story .. ..

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