Three Year Old Mother’s Day Rap

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Ok, mom, what\’s up?

It\’s your really special day.

I got you candles and chocolate, you like it? Ok!

Today\’s about you, it\’s not about me.

Here, I\’ll show you, just listen carefully.

There\’s a tiny little story, you\’re hearing it from me.

You really can\’t get mad, just listen, you\’ll see!

I was rolling to the zoo, I was going kind of fast.

The police man pulled me over I just had to laugh.

I just wanted to see a gorilla at the zoo.

Maybe a peacock, an elephant too.

He didn\’t want to hear it, he said his name was Tom.

Come on, dude! This is for my mom!

Turtles and rabbits and monkeys oh, my!

Turtles and rabbits and monkeys oh, my!

Turtles and rabbits and monkeys oh, my!

Turtles and rabbits and monkeys oh, my!

Rolling in my mini, going to the zoo.

I\’m gonna meet my mom for something to do.

I\’m a pretty good driver, I heard it from my dad.

But if mommy finds out, it\’s gonna get bad.

Aw, mom… you know I love you.

Girl, you know it\’s true.

You\’re the best mom ever.

No one compares to you.

Those other moms got nothing.

Yeah…. Yeah!

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